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About Us

About AL One

AL One is an ICT company with an experience of many years in Retail and Store automation. With this long experience AL One knows all about the needs and wishes of many retailers. With this knowledge it is a daily routine to help their clients to find together the right solution.

AL One is founded in 1999 and since that time mainly focused on total solutions in the Retail Automation. Many specific solutions were based on the worldwide standard Retail Pro system. Next to the delivery, installation and implementation of this system, AL One was also developing all kind of customized “plugins” and “add-ons” for many Retail Pro users.

Company Evolution

For some time now, AL One is more and more focused on the development of specific software and custom solutions. Generally these are tailor-made solutions created by the integration of new modern applications with already existing systems. As an professional integration partner, AL One already has helped many clients with developing and implementing the required and client-specific functionality. Why this change? . Due to the rapidly changing market needs, the speed of introduction of new technology and the limited financial resources in the Retail, AL One has decided for the next generation to focus on this integration projects.

Our Vision

There are many good Wholesale Systems, Retail Systems, ERP’s, etc., but there is always a need for some extra functionality which is not foreseen in one of the existing applications. Instead of trying to find new expensive standard systems that provided this extra function, AL One offers a solution just by developing and integrating an specific add-on or plugin. AL One does not force their clients to invest a lot in new standard solutions; AL One just offers their client the right custom solution for the right reasonable compensation and make IT possible.

Our mission is to help Retailers in those areas where standard solutions unfortunately do not lead to the desired results. Without expensive new subsystems, but only with a simple tailor made integration layer and the right integration software development AL One makes wishes come true.

We have great experience in...

Here are some of many areas we are excellent in and in which we have many experience.

  • 95%
    Retail Management
  • 95%
    Software Development
  • 80%
    ERP Management
  • 70%
  • 95%
    Data Analysis
  • 90%
    Training & Support